The Middle: That’s Me!

Hello Everyone! I am so excited to get this blog started! A lot of this site is still a work in progress so I apologize for things that aren’t finished yet. But they will get there soon! Of course I decided that my first blog should be a little about myself! I want you all to kind of get an idea of where I came from and what I am doing now. I’m hoping to share my experiences with all of you as I travel around the world and work to succeed at my ultimate goal: getting to the highest level of volleyball possible.

Here’s a little about the middle blocker that came from the middle of the USA. I won’t give you all the details about my childhood and growing up, because that is too many years to put all that information in! But this is the short list you might need to know:

I grew up in the country surrounded by corn fields and forests in Nebraska (hint hint: that’s where the “from the middle” comes from). I was fortunate enough to have a family that loved animals so I had horses, dogs, and cats. So naturally I became a huge animal lover too. My mom and dad raised my older sister and I with a sense of humor and lots of chores at home! Hey, growing up on the farm there was always work to do, which as kids no one wanted to do. I started playing volleyball at the age of 10 and have loved it ever since. Sometimes I cannot believe I have been playing this sport for so many years now.

I moved schools my 8th grade year to Lourdes Central Catholic to help make transportation for my sister and I easier. Before that we were going two opposite directions to school everyday and that made it hard on my mom. Changing schools got me involved in my first club volleyball season with some of my newly made friends. That was a whole new world, but I loved it! At the all day tournaments on Sundays, I got to  play a sport with friends, and got me out of doing homework for a few more hours on the weekends. I went to a smaller private high school with my older sister, playing volleyball, basketball, and running track. From high school, and really the club volleyball tournaments, I got recruited to play at the University of Northern Iowa. The recruiting process was both fun and stressful while touring different universities. However, I decided that UNI would be the best fit for me and I was beyond excited! Bobbi Petersen, Kalani Mahi, and Kim Davis were amazing coaches to play under and I really can’t imagine an experience anywhere else! I also cannot thank them enough for the effort they gave in molding me into a better player and a better person.

I played volleyball for 5 years at UNI (red-shirting my true freshman year) while studying Biology and Business Administration. During my time at university, I also had the amazing opportunity to play for the USA Collegiate National Team for two summers. Which has also been a big source of fuel for my goal of wanting to reach the highest level of play I can achieve. My final spring semester at college I signed with my first agent, Ryan Jay Owens at, and began really working towards finding a professional volleyball job abroad. I graduated with two degrees in May of 2017, and spent that summer working out and getting prepared for a possible 9 month stay in another country. My journey then took me to Budapest, Hungary for my first year playing overseas as a professional. Oh my gosh, can I tell you how amazing Budapest is??? Loved the city, loved the people, loved the experience. Simply put, my rookie season at Vasas Roplabda got me hooked to continue my professional volleyball career! It was quite the experience to live in a new country, meet new people, learn a new culture, and learn more about myself as well. I was even more excited this summer when my agent, Ryan Jay Owens with EliteVolley, told me that a team in Finland was interested in having me come to play for them! I could not wait to tell my family and friends the news of signing with LP Kangasala. I am now currently living in Finland and playing with a group of amazing women as of August. This blog is going to be a tale of my adventures, my struggles, the hilarious moments that happen when in strange countries, the experiences I’ve learned from in volleyball, and the best of where I end up.

That’s me! In a nutshell!

Much love!

The Middle from the Middle

 “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” —Plato



2 Replies to “The Middle: That’s Me!”

  1. Very well done, Kayla! I anxiously await more blogs of your adventures. You have set your goals high and I am sure you will reach most if not all of them! Love ya, Kayla!


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