One Game Left…Wait…What…

Hey Everyone!

So it really hit me the other day that time flies. I mean like zooms on full speed ahead and has no intention of slowing down for us to figure things out. At the beginning of August when I arrived here in Finland, 9 months seemed like so long! There was so much time to experience things and so many opportunities to play this game that I love. This last Sunday, I realized we only have one match left of regular season. Just One!! What?? Where did the season go????

I look back and still feel like I got here yesterday but not yesterday. It seems like such a short time ago I was attempting to haul two huge suitcases through the airport, but at the same time I feel so at home here. Have any of you ever moved somewhere completely new, whether for family, a job, a new start, and it’s so brand new and exciting for a long time, but at some point you look back and can’t realize it’s been that long since you’ve moved? Isn’t it sort of a great feeling? We really do just start getting used to our new lives and the new friends we make, we find routine and rhythm.

This rhythm is what makes the time go so fast. We become once again used to doing something everyday, over and over again. Usually that thing is going to work (for me as well in the form of training) and then we come home and find the same things to do every night at home. Doesn’t it become hard to figure out which day was which? Rhythm in our lives is great! Heck, I think it keeps us sane sometimes. We sometimes need those comfort zones and habits as they help us define who we are as individuals. But once in a while, and I’d even say at least, at least, once a week, go try something new. Do something you haven’t done in a while.

So as I look back at the seven months that have already gone by, I realize that there are a lot of things I have accomplished: in both volleyball and in personal growth. There are habits I have now that took quite a bit of that time to build but now I am better off because of them. And most of them started as that one thing I decided to do outside of my comfort zone and throw off my rhythm. But I also look back and think that there are things I should have gone to do sooner. For example, I should have taken one of our free weekends earlier this year and gone to Sweden. I wanted to, and never did, and now there’s no free weekends left.

But I also don’t regret not going to do those things, because maybe it wasn’t the right time. Or maybe now I can go back someday and really, really take the time to adventure around and see every little piece of it. Who knows. But what I do now, regardless of where we are in our lives, take the time to try something new. Always. But never look back and regret it.

Much Love,

Middle From The Middle

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